Membership renewals open 1 December 2016

Membership renewals for 2017 will be sent to all members by email in early December. Members should check to ensure their email address and their membership data is correct and up-to-date. Members can do this by signing into their membership account. Members with questions or needing assistance should contact the Association’s Membership and Administration Officer.

SARRAH Allied Health Scholarships

SARRAH (Services for Australian Rural and Remove Allied Health) has announced a limited round of allied health scholarships for the 2017 academic year (covering a 12 month period only). Applications are now open. For further information, access the relevant scholarship page on the SARRAH website from the listing below.

Call for Board of Directors Nominations

Under the Association’s Constitution nominations are currently being sought for four Board of Directors positions.

A Nomination Form for Election to the Board of Directors in 2017 This graphic is associated with the hyperlink that precedes it and indicates the document is in PDF. and a Director Nomination Information Package This graphic is associated with the hyperlink that precedes it and indicates the document is in PDF. are available.

Each nomination must address key selection criteria and completed nominations forms must be received at the Association’s national office by Tuesday, 31 January 2017. The appointments are effective from the 2017 Annual General Meeting in May for a period of two years.

Voting members of the Association are encouraged to nominate, while retiring directors are eligible to renominate. Election will be held if more than three nominations are received.

Further information is available from the Director Position Description contained within the Association’s Policy and Procedure Manual. Contact the Association’s Chief Executive Officer if you have questions regarding this matter.

New Strategic Plan 2017-2019

The Speech Pathology Australia Strategic Plan is now due for a review, leading into the next three-year period: 2017-2019. An essential part of informing the development of a new strategic plan is the feedback and contribution of all members.

While the Board acknowledges the extensive consultation process involved in forming the Speech Pathology 2030 - making futures happen project outcomes, feedback and contributions are again encouraged from members to assist in highlighting areas of strategic priority. Feedback helps understand what is important to members and what they see as the priorities for the Association.

Provide feedback by either:

Some questions members may wish to consider, include:

  • From the vision and aspirations contained within the Speech Pathology 2030 report, what are the top three priorities for the Association to progress over the next three years?
  • Are there other areas of strategic importance that have not been captured in the Speech Pathology 2030 report?
  • Any further comments.