Fact sheet: NSW and SA providers re NQSF

The NDIA have released a fact sheet specifically for NSW and SA providers regarding the roll out of the National Quality and Safeguarding Framework (NQSF), which can be accessed through the Department of Social Services website.

A piece of new information to note is that whilst current providers will have their registration rolled over, the expiration date for their registration will be amended, and a new date put in place, by which time they are expected to have completed the NQSF requirements.

Speech Pathology Australia (the Association) is currently looking at how to support members having to undertake this process, but currently no new details of the specific Practice Standards or NDIS code of conduct have been released.

The new fact sheet explains that providers will have to:

  • Comply with new conditions of registration and NDIS Practice Standards. (Not yet released)
  • Complete a self-assessment against the NDIS Practice Standards. (Not yet released)
  • Complete an audit against the NDIS Practice Standards by a certified auditing body approved by the NDIS Commission. (The details of who will be auditing and the cost of this audit have not yet been released)
  • Comply with the new NDIS Code of Conduct, and support your workers to also meet the Code. - Ensure all workers are screened through a new national worker screening process. (Whilst the code has not yet been released, the Association does have an FAQ about the National Code of Conduct which may have common elements)
  • Have an in-house complaints system and support participants to make a complaint. (There is currently information about this for members in the Speech Pathology Australia Policy and Procedure manual and associated templates)
  • Establish and maintain an incident reporting system and report serious incidents to the NDIS Commission. (the Association is looking at providing a template for members around this process)
  • (if relevant) meet new behaviour support requirements, including reporting restrictive practices to the NDIS Commission. (It is believed that this will be related to those providers registered or wishing to register for positive behaviour supports. More information regarding restrictive practice will be made available for members to refer to in the future; a FAQ document about this is currently being produced).