About Speech Pathology Australia

Speech Pathology Australia is the national peak body for the speech pathology profession in Australia. Speech pathologists are university trained allied health professionals with expertise in the assessment and treatment of communication and/or swallowing difficulties.

Charter and Mission

The Association's mission is:

  • To prescribe, guide and govern the clinical and ethical standards of members in their practice of speech pathology
  • To facilitate and promote opportunities for members to pursue knowledge and develop professionally
  • To disseminate professional positions to key stakeholder groups including: the government, consumers, referrers and the public
  • To advocate for and respond to the needs of clients with communication and swallowing difficulties
  • To promote timely access to services
  • To represent the interests and views of members of the Association.

The Vision, Mission and Values of Speech Pathology Australia are outlined in its Charter . Other core association documents are also available for viewing.

Organisational Structure

Speech Pathology Australia is coordinated nationally by a Board of Directors elected directly by the Association’s membership.

Active Speech Pathology Australia Branches exist in States and Territories. Each Branch elects their own Branch Executive Committee. Any member can nominate for a role on their Branch Executive Committee. All members are welcome to attend Branch meetings.

Speech Pathology Australia’s National Office is located in Melbourne and is led by the Chief Executive Officer and a small team of staff who supports members and their clients, and liaises with external stakeholders.


A general overview of the Association is provided in the About Speech Pathology Australia document or via the Association's Wikipedia entry.

This is a graphic representation of the updated Speech Pathology Australia History Poster. The poster has a lot of text but none of it is readable from this graphic representation. In celebration of the 70th Anniversary of the Association, the History Poster has been redesigned and updated to reflect the achievements of the last 10 years. Download the History Poster This graphic is associated with the hyperlink that precedes it and indicates the document is in PDF..

In November 2019, the Association celebrated its 70th anniversary. Download the 70th Anniversary Poster .

For more information about the history of Speech Pathology in Australia and Speech Pathology Australia view the Oral History Poster series:

In 2009, Speech Pathology Australia celebrated its 60th year as the professional peak body for speech pathologists in Australia with an updated History Poster and a poster of Esteemed Members .