Board of Directors

The Board of Directors of Speech Pathology Australia is responsible for the strategic development, implementation and evaluation of the Association's procedures and policies within the rules of the Constitution.

The Board of Speech Pathology Australia currently has seven Directors, with three members of the Board elected to the Office Bearer positions of President, Vice President Operations (VPO) and Vice President Communication (VPC), which forms the Board Executive Subcommittee.

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The President is the Chair of the Board of Directors. The President also represents the Association in the media, and meets key stakeholders. View a list of the Past Presidents of the Association.

Vice Presidents

The Vice President Operations (Operations) and the Vice President Communications (Communications) are both members of the Board of Directors.

The Vice President (Operations) supervises the business operations of the Association.

The Vice President (Communications) aims to provide effective communication with and between members of the Board of Directors and the Association’s membership. The Vice President (Communications) also liaises between the membership and the Association’s Ethics Board and the Board of Directors.

Current Directors

Tim KittelThis is a photograph of Tim Kittel, National President of Speech Pathology Australia.

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BA(Hons), BSpPath, GAICD

Tim Kittel is based in South Australia and works with paediatric and adolescent clients. He has previously worked across Health, Disability, and Education government settings, and is currently employed within a private practice.

In addition to serving as President of Speech Pathology Australia, Tim currently sits on the Board of International Association of Communication Sciences and Disorders, where he represents medium sized organisations’ interests in promoting the rights of people with communication disability across the world. In addition to chairing meetings of the Board of Directors, Tim regularly links with the Branch Chairs, and as a result sees the results of initiatives across Australia in raising public awareness and advocacy for people with swallowing and/or communication disorders. Tim is driven to realise the positive futures described within SP2030.

In order to help progress the Association’s strategies, Tim graduated from the Australian Institute of Directors’ Company Directors Course in 2020.

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This is a photograph of Kathyrn McKinley, director of Speech Pathology Australia.Kathryn McKinley

Vice President Communications
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BAppSc(SpPath), MHA

Kathryn McKinley graduated from La Trobe University in 1999. She also holds a Master of Health Administration. Kathryn has worked in public health for over 20 years and is currently the Speech Pathology Manager at St Vincent’s Hospital Melbourne. She is also a Clinical Fellow at the University of Melbourne.

Kathryn has been a director of Speech Pathology Australia since 2019 and is currently a member of the Finance and Audit Subcommittee. She has previously been a member of the Board Governance Subcommittee. Kathryn has a passion for communication, advocacy and good governance. She is keen to ensure that our strategy continues to prioritise services to members, builds the profile of our profession and advocates for the needs of Australians with communication and swallowing difficulties.

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This is a photograph of Maree Doble, director of Speech Pathology Australia.

Maree Doble

Vice President Operations
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B. App. Sc (Speech Path), PhD

Maree Doble has a B. App. Sc (Speech Path), and a PhD investigating the early communication development of infants with cochlear implants. She is a senior lecturer at the University of Sydney. Maree has spent much of her career working with children with hearing loss. She has also managed decentralised, interdisciplinary, early intervention teams in the not-for-profit sector and was responsible for operational oversight of inclusion preschools.

Maree has been a member of two NSW Health Committees; the NSW Health Ministerial Standing Committee for Hearing, and the NSW Health Paediatric Clinical Practice Guidelines Committee. She has delivered a conference keynote address and been an invited speaker at events such as the Parliamentary Forum on Childhood Deafness.

Maree has been a Director since 2018. She enjoys seeing the range of experienced speech pathologists around Australia contributing their knowledge to the Association’s committees and looks forward to more members seeking such opportunities.

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This is a photograph of Erin Coonan, director of Speech Pathology Australia.Erin Coonan

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Eddie Ong

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This is a photograph of Alison Smith, director of Speech Pathology Australia.Alison Smith

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BSpTher, GdipT(Infants/Primary), FSPA, CPSP

Alison trained as a Speech Pathologist at the University of Queensland and has had a career working in the education sector in remote, regional and metropolitan contexts including roles in administration, service management and project leadership. She also completed a Graduate Diploma in Teaching at the University of New England to broaden her understanding of the teaching and learning process.

Alison has been a long-standing, active member of Speech Pathology Australia including as a Regional Representative, National Council Member and Branch Chair along with representing SPA on the Speech Pathologists Registration Board in Queensland and convening two national conferences. Alison is currently a member of the Governance Subcommittee.

While committed to the right to communicate for all, Alison has a particular interest in the impact of communication difficulties on educational achievement. She is interested in professional standards and the professionalism of speech pathologists particularly as we grow in number and diverse practice contexts within Australia.

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This is a photograph of Lucy Sutherland, director of Speech Pathology Australia.Lucy Sutherland

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B. App. Sc (Speech Path)

Lucy graduated as a Speech Pathologist from the University of Sydney and has since worked in both Sydney and Melbourne. She currently leads a large multidisciplinary team of therapists and is a member of the leadership team at a school for students with disabilities. She has previously worked as a Speech Pathologist and a manager in a range of education and disability services, including Early Childhood Settings, private practice and both mainstream and special school settings. She also lectures at RMIT University in the School of Education and has a keen interest in collaborative practice.

Having worked with Speech Pathology Australia on a range of smaller projects, Lucy is excited to extend this association by being elected to the Board of Directors in 2021. She values interdisciplinary collaboration, with an interest in extending relationships with education and early childhood services and training institutions. Lucy is keen to be a part of establishing governance and policy to support speech pathologists, clients, organisations and communities to form collaborative partnerships while seeking opportunities to promote and extend the diversity of the profession.

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Inma BeaumontThis is a photograph of Inma Beaumont, director of Speech Pathology Australia.

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BA(Hons) Econ/Maths, ACA, GAICD

Inma is a Graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors and a Fellow of the Association of Certified Chartered Accountants. She has over 25 years’ experience as a Finance Professional with a strong track record in audit, risk, financial control, strategy and process improvement within domestic and major multinational institutions like Procter & Gamble and Citibank, both in the UK and in Australia. Most recently Inma has become a Marketing, Communications and Fundraising Professional at Universities and Schools. She has a passion for helping organisations in education and not for profit sectors enhance their reputation and pursue diversified funding.Inma holds Non-Executive Director positions at UN Women Australia, The Women’s College at the University of Queensland and Guide Dogs Queensland. She holds Bachelor degrees in Mathematics and in Commerce/Economics from the University of Valencia in Spain. Inma speaks English, Spanish, French and Italian.