COVID-19 exposure risk management and response

Updated: 25 January 2022

Speech Pathology Australia has brought together in one location, National and state based resources that support health care settings to manage and assess the risk of exposure to COVID 19, and to apply appropriate mitigation measures to optimise workforce capacity and ensure the continued safe delivery of health care. This page will be updated as information comes to hand.

Source / State or Territory

Web source of information

Department of Health

Work permissions and restrictions framework for workers in health care settings


Information for health professionals

New South Wales             

COVID-19 advice for health professionals

Northern Territory



Advice for businesses affected by a COVID-19 case

South Australia

SA Health Contact assessment and management guidance


Case and Outbreak Management Plans

Exposure risk matrix - Health care settings


Primary care guidance for the response to COVID-19 risks

Contact assessment and management guidance - Primary care, community-based healthcare and emergency services

Western Australia

WA Health have advised that the National document (listed above) are currently in use in WA.

Information and advice if you have a confirmed case of COVID-19 in the workplace



Department of Health (National)

COVID-19 Test & Isolate National Protocols

Interim Guidance document for permissions and restrictions for workers in health care


Information for people exposed to COVID-19

Information for people who test positive for COVID-19

Guidance for businesses and workplaces with a confirmed case of COVID-19

Advice for high-risk settings - includes a definition of a high risk setting, entry requirements, entry screening questions and information for close and casual contacts

New South Wales             

The Public Health (COVID-19 Self-Isolation) Order (No 4) Amendment (No 3) Order 2021 requires persons diagnosed with COVID-19 and close contacts of persons diagnosed with COVID-19 to self-isolate and specifies requirements for self-isolation including duration and location

Guidance for businesses with a worker who tests positive for COVID-19

Self-isolation rules for cases and people exposed to COVID-19

Testing positive to COVID-19

Release and recovery from COVID -19

Northern Territory



Isolation for Diagnosed Cases of COVID-19 and Management of Close Contacts Direction (No. 2)

Managing COVID-19 in workplaces

Isolation for people who are diagnosed with COVID-19

Close contacts - quarantine and testing requirements

South Australia

Emergency Management (Exposure Sites, Contacts and Diagnosis Requirements No 3) (COVID-19) Direction 2022

Exposure sites, contacts and diagnosis requirements - includes links to testing, isolating and quarantine requirements and response to FAQs


Quarantine Direction

COVID case and outbreak response


The Quarantine Isolation and Testing Order can be found on the Department of Health’s Pandemic Order Register

Advice for businesses who have a confirmed COVID case in the workplace

Advice for individual/employee who has COVID-19

Checklist for anyone who is a COVID-19 contact - what to do if you have been told you are a contact of someone with COVID-19

Western Australia

WA Health have advised that the National document (listed above) are currently in use in WA.