Project Officer – Position statement on risk feeding

Speech Pathology Australia is seeking to engage a project officer to develop a Position Statement on Risk Feeding – the role of speech pathologists in supporting informed choice of people living with dysphagia.

The position statement will summarise key evidence and the position of Speech Pathology Australia (the Association) regarding the role of speech pathologists in risk feeding. It is anticipated that the project officer role will be for a short-term appointment and will work closely with a working party of speech pathologists across sectors to develop a publication applicable across settings and the lifespan.

An Association position statement is generally 2-3 pages in length, and will be informed and supplemented by the Association’s Dysphagia Clinical Guideline (for review).

Interested members should submit an Expression of Interest (EOI) to the Senior Advisor Aged Care by Thursday 28 March 2019. The written EOI should include the following:

  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Statement against Key Selection Criteria (available in the Project Brief)
  • An example of the applicants professional writing skills
  • The names of two referees.

For further information, a copy of the Project Brief or enquiries regarding the above position, email the Association’s the Senior Advisor Aged Care or telephone her on 03 9642 4899.


Working Party member – Position statement on risk feeding

Speech Pathology Australia is seeking expressions of interest to join a working party to develop the Association’s Position Statement on risk feeding and the role of speech pathologists.

Expressions of interest are invited from members currently involved or interested in dysphagia management and the area of risk feeding, and would like to contribute to shaping a position statement for Australian speech pathologists.

The Association is seeking a broad representation of speech pathologists working with clients of all ages, and clinical backgrounds.

Members interested in being a member of this working party should email their CV along with a brief 500-word statement outlining their experience with dysphagia to the Association’s Senior Advisor Aged Care by COB Friday 5 April 2019.


Call for nominations for Speech Pathology Australia Awards

Speech Pathology Australia acknowledges excellence in speech pathology practice and the voluntary work undertaken by members (and others) through nationally recognised awards.

Life Membership: Life membership is the highest honour accorded by the Association and confers Practising or Non Practising membership on a person for the rest of their life. It recognises outstanding leadership and committed service to the Association and the profession over many years.

Fellowship: Fellowship of Speech Pathology Australia is a public professional honour awarded to a member with considerable experience, responsibility and standing within the speech pathology profession. The award recognises and celebrates members who have achieved excellence in a field of speech pathology practice. Fellowship is a membership category, and an ongoing honour.

Service to the Association: Awarded by the Association to up to three members annually in recognition of ongoing, valuable and voluntary service to the Association. Nominees may have contributed to the Board, Branch Executive, Conference Planning Committee, etc.

Early Career Award: This award is open to new graduate practising members in recognition of ongoing, valuable and voluntary service to the Association at either a National or Branch level. Nominees may have contributed to Branch Executives, Task Groups, Conference Planning Committees, etc. In most cases, nominees will have held positions on Committees as students.

Community Contribution: Awarded by the Association to recognise outside agencies, which have made a significant and valuable contribution to speech pathology.

If you know of someone who deserves the honour and recognition of an Association award, applications must be submitted on the official award nomination forms. Awards for 2019 close on Monday 28 March 2019. Late submissions will be considered for 2020 awards.

For more information email the Association’s Board and Executive Assistant.


2019 Research Grant Round

Speech Pathology Australia is committed to promoting and funding high quality research into all aspects of speech pathology practice. The grants provide support for the growth of research within the speech pathology profession. This research is expected to add to the pool of evidence based data relevant to communication and swallowing disorders. Priority is given to research applications that align with the Association’s Strategic Plan.

The Association is once again offering research grants in 2019. Five grants are offered across three categories.

  • The Nadia Verrall Grant awards $5,000 to fund research that will enhance the clinical practice of speech pathologists working with children with communication disorders and their families.
  • Two New Researcher Grants, each of $15,000, are available. Applications are open to clinicians, postgraduate research students or those who have completed a postgraduate research degree no more than two years prior to applying.
  • Two Queensland Registration Board Legacy Fund research grants, each of $15,000, are available. Applications are open to all speech pathologists, clinician or academic, residing and/or practising in Queensland.

Clinicians who are interested in applying are encouraged to discuss their proposed project with an experienced researcher, either within their workplace or at a local university.

Applicants are entitled to apply only once in each of the categories, and may hold a grant in one category only. Applicants may hold only one Speech Pathology Australia research grant in any one year.

Applications for the 2019 grant round will open on 3 January and close on 31 March 2019.


New advertising policy in place

Speech Pathology Australia announces that the Code of Ethics – Advertising policy has been reviewed and updated. The new policy is available online.

The revised advertising policy provides further detail and clarity around particular advertising practices that have the potential to mislead consumers and solicit unnecessary use of services.

New and reviewed inclusions to the policy address include:

  • The use of client images and information as a marketing strategy.
  • The use of inducements, such as prizes, gifts and discounts.
  • The need for clear delineation of speech pathology services from non-speech pathology products or services in advertising.
  • Procedures for dealing with non-compliance with the policy.

The Advertising FAQs document has also been reviewed and updated in accordance with the reviewed policy and is available on the Association’s website. For more information on marketing and ethics in advertising, there is a free webinar for Association members now available online: Ethical and Effective Marketing for your Private Practice.

For any queries regarding the revised policy, email the Association’s Ethics Advisor or contact Speech Pathology Australia.


Communications from Speech Pathology Australia

Speech Pathology Australia communicates regularly with members through a variety of means. The Association will, however, never contact a member through submission of a website contact form.

The Association has become aware that there may have been incidences of this happening. Where a member receives contact of this nature, stating it is from Speech Pathology Australia, they should immediately contact the Association as we are endeavouring to take steps to prevent this from occurring. Contact Speech Pathology Australia.