2020 Code of Ethics: Advance Notice for Members

This is graphic is the cover of the new Speech Pathology Australia Code of Ethics 2020. It has the words Speech Pathology Australia Code of Ethics 2020 reversed out of a aqua coloured band, which is set across a dark blue background.A major review of the current Speech Pathology Australian Code of Ethics was undertaken during 2019 and the new 2020 Code of Ethics is to be launched on Friday 23 October 2020. View the new code today!

The new code contains updated values, principles and standards for the speech pathology professional practice in Australia. It has been aligned with contemporary practice, to ensure it supports and reflects professional practice now and across the next 10 years.

The new code takes into account the changing internal and external environments for speech pathology practice, including changes to models of services delivery, access to services, consumer engagement with speech pathology, the employment contexts of speech pathologists, and consideration of the eight core aspirations of the Speech Pathology 2030 report .

Advance notice of the new 2020 Code of Ethics allows members to become familiar with the content prior to the code’s official launch, as they must comply with it after 23 October 2020.

To support members with the introduction of the new code, works is underway to finalise an array of resources to support members to understand and uphold the code.

Further detail will be available in the August 2020 edition of Speak Out.