Innovation Awards

As a professional body, Speech Pathology Australia aspires to provide quality services, innovation and continual pursuit of knowledge. It is committed to promoting innovation in the speech pathology profession in Australia.


Speech Pathology Australia embraces innovation and is on the forefront of emerging trends and opportunities and strives to explore new opportunities for innovative practice, support knowledge and skill development, and showcase examples of success.


This graphic displays the official logo of Guild Insurance. The graphic carries the words " Guild Insurance" in black against a white background.There are two award categories: Innovation in Professional Practice, and Innovation in Research.

The winner of each category will be awarded a cash prize of $2500. The Innovation Awards are proudly supported by Guild Insurance.

This is an ongoing award and will be awarded in subsequent years.

Nomination / self-nomination

The awards are open to all members of Speech Pathology Australia, including those who self-nominate.

Nominations from teams that include non-members will be accepted, and the team efforts recognised. But the award benefits will be made only to the nominated member of Speech Pathology Australia.

Members may nominate for both awards in the same year. A separate nomination form must be completed and submitted for each innovation being nominated. Members may only hold one award in any one year. 

Innovation in Professional Practice

For the purposes of this award innovation is the process of translating an original idea, invention, service approach, or research finding, so as to create or add value, providing a better outcome or benefit for clients, Association members or key stakeholders of the speech pathology profession. Further detail and explanation is available in the nomination form. 

Innovation in Research

For the purpose of this award innovation is the conception and execution of novel research, which delivers high quality findings in a hitherto under-researched population or area of practice. Further detail and explanation is available in the nomination form. 

Nomination form

Download the Speech Pathology Australia Innovation Awards Nomination Form This graphic is associated with the hyperlink that precedes it and indicates the document is in Microsoft Word Format..


Nominations open: 1 April 2022

Nominations close: 30 June 2023

Winners notified: 1 August 2022

Winners announced publicly during Speech Pathology Week (21-27 August).

Conditions of entry

Further information and conditions of entry are available in the nomination form.