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Speech Pathology Australia is proud of the highly skilled, professional and dedicated speech pathologists who have been invited by the Association to be the National Tour speakers.

2018 online event - detail

Registration for all the workshops for the 2018 National Tour have now closed. The 2018 National Tour program will finish with a 90-minute online CPD event that will run live on Monday 17 December 2018, 2-3.30 pm AEDT.

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2019 National Tour Speaker

The 2018 National Tour speaker is Dr Julie Cichero.

Dr Julie Cichero is a speech pathologist and is internationally recognised for her work in the field of feeding and swallowing disorders.

Dr Julie Cichero

This is a photograph of the Association's 2018 National Tour Speaker, Dr Julie CicheroFor 27 years Dr Julie Cichero has worked clinically and conducted research into dysphagia from infancy to old age in a range of public and private health care settings. Julie is an Adjunct Professor with the School of Clinical Sciences (QUT). She has also been a lecturer and researcher affiliated with The University of Queensland since 1996.

Julie is an Honorary Senior Fellow with the School of Pharmacy, and an affiliate with the Schools of Chemical Engineering and Food Technology at UQ, and has provided specialist lectures for Griffith University, and the University of Gothenburg, Sweden. Julie is an invited international speaker (USA, Canada, Spain, Singapore, Sweden, Switzerland, Hong Kong, China, Japan, Philippines), to speech pathology, dietetic, medical, nursing and pharmacy conferences.

Julie is a reviewer for 30 international journals in the diverse fields such as medicine, nursing, speech pathology, allied health, chemical engineering, acoustics, nutrition and food technology. She has published more than 54 journal articles and co-authored four books: Dysphagia: Foundation, Theory and Practice (2006, Wiley & Sons Inc.) More peas please: Solutions for feeding fussy eaters (2009, Allen & Unwin) Stepping Stones to Living Well with Dysphagia (Karger, 2012) and The Essential Dysphagia Handbook (2013, Create Space). Julie is co-chair for the International Dysphagia Diet Standardisation Initiative (IDDSI) and the Australian IDDSI Project Officer.


Improving the lives of adults living with dysphagia

This workshop will focus on person-centred care for adults living with dysphagia. It will utilise the International Dysphagia Diet Standardisation Initiative (IDDSI) Framework to provide practical information on assessment, recommendations and treatment. In particular use of the IDDSI framework to identify optimal food and drink recommendations for people with dysphagia will be provided.

The workshop will then focus on rehabilitation using a person-centred approach and will include features that increase the likelihood of success from rehabilitation. It will demonstrate how different food textures and drink thicknesses can be utilised in both rehabilitation and compensatory approaches, and the complementary nature of these techniques. With an aging population, and the implementation of the new Australian Aged Care Quality Standards in July 2019, speech pathologists have an important role in guiding resident choice for meals. To provide a context, a broad update on dysphagia in progressive neurological conditions such as dementia will be provided. Risk feeding and information about feeding during palliative care will also be provided. Case scenarios will be used to highlight shared decision-making models and discuss ethics associated with risk feeding, while balancing the autonomy of choice.

This workshop is relevant to speech pathologists working in a range of settings including hospitals, community-based programs, and residential aged care, and will show clinicians how to improve the lives of adults with dysphagia by using person-centred approaches to assessment and treatment.

Cervical Auscultation for Infants, Children and Adults with Dysphagia: A Practical Workshop

In this one-day workshop, Dr Julie Cichero will review background information regarding cervical auscultation and the recent literature pertaining to the anatomy and physiology of swallowing and risk factors associated with development of aspiration pneumonia. Registrants will be given an opportunity to develop an appreciation of the acoustic characteristics of normal and abnormal swallowing cycles and an understanding of the current information on the cause of swallowing sounds. Participants will have a practical opportunity to correctly place a stethoscope for auscultation of swallowing and swallow-related breath sounds.

Paediatric Dysphagia (working title)

Watch this space for further information, with this 'bespoke' workshop currently being developed by Dr Julie Cichero in response to requests received for content via Branch CPD committees.

Workshops – schedule and registration

Brisbane (two workshops)

Thursday 14 February 2019 
Improving the lives of adults living with dysphagia
by Dr Julie Cichero
Registration is open

Friday 15 February 2019 
Cervical Auscultation for Infants, Children and Adults with Dysphagia: A Practical Workshop
by Dr Julie Cichero
Registration is open


Monday 20 May plus Tuesday 21 May 2019

Launceston or Hobart (tbc)

Thursday 23 May plus Friday 24 May 2019


Monday 1 plus Tuesday 2 July 2019


Thursday 4 plus Friday 5 July 2019


Thursday 8 plus Friday 9 August 2019


Monday 11 plus Tuesday 12 November 2019


Thursday 14 plus Friday 15 November 2019

Online events – detail

In addition to these workshops, the 2019 National Tour program will finish with a 90-minute online CPD event that will run in December 2019. Information will be made available nearer the event date.

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