Review of CBOS

The Competency Based Occupational Standards for Speech Pathologists (CBOS) are being reviewed.

The Competency Based Occupational Standards for Speech Pathologists (CBOS 2011) details the minimum knowledge, skills and attributes required for graduate entry into the profession of speech pathology. CBOS outlines the standards required for university accreditation, the re-entry to the profession program and assessment of overseas trained speech pathologists.

The CBOS review is an important initiative of Speech Pathology Australia to support development of a future ready workforce capable of delivering best practice and fulfilling the vision and aspirations articulated in Speech Pathology 2030: making futures happen project.

Young Futures has been contracted to complete the review (Gretchen Young in collaboration with Angela Murray and Katy O’Callaghan). The project commenced in May 2018, with completion planned for November 2019.

In order to develop competency standards that reflect the depth and breadth of entry level competencies required for current and emerging practice, the Association needs input and insights from its members.

Regardless of a member’s role, background, knowledge or time spent in the profession, all input is welcomed and needed!

The review process will:

  • be governed by the Speech Pathology Australia Board;
  • utilise expertise and support from the Professional Standards Advisory Committee;
  • be informed by the Competency Standards Advisory Committee;
  • involve desktop research into best practice in developing and implementing competency standards;
  • include benchmarking against other speech pathology standards internationally; and
  • opportunities for input by all Australian speech pathologists and other stakeholders, including educators, researchers, professional peak bodies, client peak bodies, individual clients, etc.

Details of key dates and opportunities to participate in the consultation processes will be advertised and advertised via eNews, social media and Speak Out.