COMPASS® or Competency Assessment in Speech Pathology, is a competency-based assessment tool designed to validly assess the performance of speech pathology students in their placements. COMPASS®was developed according to sound educational principles and psychometrically validated as a result of a four year national collaborative research program.

The judgement of the student’s competency is based on an assessment of two closely interrelated sets of competencies, listed below. The first four competencies rated are the Professional Competencies. These competencies underpin the performance of the second set of seven Occupational or CBOS 2011 competencies.

Professional Competency Units

  • Unit 1: Reasoning
  • Unit 2: Communication
  • Unit 3: Lifelong Learning
  • Unit 4: Professionalism

CBOS 2011 Competencies

  • CBOS Unit 1: Assessment
  • CBOS Unit 2: Analysis and Interpretation
  • CBOS Unit 3: Planning evidence-based speech pathology practice
  • CBOS Unit 4: Implementation of speech pathology practice
  • CBOS Unit 5: Planning, providing and managing speech pathology services
  • CBOS Unit 6: Professional and supervisory practice
  • CBOS Unit 7: Lifelong learning and reflective practice

COMPASS® Formats

COMPASS® can be made accessed by clinical educators and students in a hard copy (paper) or online version.


The COMPASS® assessment tool is delivered via the internet. Students login to the COMPASS® website to complete self-evaluations of their performance on placement and educators login to record their assessment by clicking on the rating line for each of the eleven competencies.

COMPASS® online also provides students and educators with a range of resources and onscreen help information to support teaching and learning and to assist students in achieving competency across the full range of professional and occupational competencies.

COMPASS® Hard Copy

COMPASS® is also available as a paper-based tool. Assessment is recorded by marking rating scales in an assessment booklet and the supporting information is provided in manuals.

COMPASS® Resources

Find out more about COMPASS® resources below:

You can find out more about COMPASS® by contacting Speech Pathology Australia.