GP Education Kit

Speech Pathology Australia’s Queensland Branch have been instrumental in supporting the Association in updating resources members can use to engage with General Practitioners (GPs).

Below are all the member-only accessible documents and publications associated with the GP Education Kit.

The resource has been developed for speech pathologists wanting to connect with General Practitioners. The presentation has been developed to explain the role of a speech pathologist, when to refer to a speech pathologist, how to refer to a speech pathologist, what typically occurs in a visit to a speech pathologist and information on available funding streams.

Two options are available:

  1. a customisable PowerPoint with suggested notes for the presenter; and
  2. a pre-recorded PowerPoint that plays automatically. Videos have also been developed to show and share.

The resources are currently being adapted so they can also be used to promote speech pathology services with other audiences e.g. Primary Health Networks (PHNs).

GP PowerPoint presentation

This is a PowerPoint presentation with Notes that can be adapted to reflect audience interests.

GP PowerPoint presentation (with presenter voiceover)

These are non-editable PowerPoint shows that play automatically with audio (voice-over).

Video presentations

Information sheet


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