Telepractice Resources

Speech Pathology Australia is aware that telepractice is increasingly being considered for the provision of clinical services and that members need support in this area. On this page, members will find resources and information to guide them in understanding and effectively implementing appropriate telepractice service-delivery. Reference should also be made to the Telepractice FAQs.

This page will be regularly updated as new resources are identified.

Relevant Association Documents

Medicare, DVA and Private Health Funds

Find updated information on how various funding streams are responding to the use of telehealth delivery of speech pathology services on the Association's COVID-19: Medicare, DVA and Private Health Funds web page.

Evidence-Based Practice

Professional Development

Speech Pathology Australia – Learning Hub: maintains a suite of continuing professional development offerings in the area telepractice. It includes a range of topics from introductory to advanced. Many of these courses are free to members.

NB: The Association cannot verify or endorse the content of the following, non-Association professional development offerings. Members are advised to assess the quality and applicability of session content.

  • Exploring Inclusion: 30-minute video on Telepractice for quality NDIS allied health services.
  • RIDBC Teleschool: Guiding Principles for Telepractice
  • SLP TeleconA free, online conference on telepractice in speech pathology. This is a joint effort by some for-profit ventures in the United States. PLEASE NOTE: Speech Pathology Australia cannot verify or endorse the content of this event. Some information may be specific to practice in the United States.

Non-Association Resources

  • Allied Health Professions Australia: AHPA has produced a guide addressing technical, privacy and security, and clinical assessment aspects of telehealth for allied health professionals. This is an animated Gif that flashes the word new in red out of a yellow background.
  • Australian Digital Health Agency: Toolkit to support health professionals and provide advice regarding the security aspects of health technology – including telehealth platforms.
  • Australian Telehealth Society Guidelines: Guidelines from various organisations for reference in developing telehealth services
  • ASHA Practice Portal: Open access information on telepractice. Some details may be specific to practice in the United States.
  • ASHA Practice Portal: Considerations for Selecting Telepractice Technology
  • ASHA Special Interest Group 18: Telepractice. Free journal articles on implementation of telepractice
  • Digital Health CRC Telehealth Hub: Information hub with various telehealth resources for allied health professionals in Australia. The hub includes information on governance, technology, information for providers and consumers.
  • Health Direct Video Call: Brisbane South PHN has granted complimentary access to this telehealth platform until June 2020. Health provider who bulk bill MBS telehealth items may access this service by registering online.
    NB. The Association cannot verify or endorse the security or other features of this platform.
  • Department of Health: The Department of Health has prepared a checklist to assist allied health professionals to comply with privacy obligations when delivering telehealth services. 
  • Northern Territory PHN: Telehealth Support Grant. Eligible organisations in NT can request funding to support the expansion of their telehealth capabilities. Eligible activities include purchase of hardware and training.
  • RCSLT Telehealth Guidance: Information and resources on telepractice. Some information specific to practice in the UK. SPA members should consider Australian practice and privacy standards.
  • RCSLT Guidance for apps: Information on selecting and using mobile apps
  • RCSLT Communications Technology Guidance: Information on using various forms of telecommunication in practice. Some information may be specific to practice in the UK.