Communication Access Literature Review

Speech Pathology Australia commissioned the Communication Access Literature Review on behalf of the Communication Access Alliance.

In 2017, Speech Pathology Australia hosted an inaugural meeting of interested organisations and stakeholders to explore collaboration in the promotion of communication accessibility and to scope the potential development of Australian communication access standards.

Subsequently, the Communication Access Alliance was formed and has worked to establish key priorities and activities to work towards forming national standards, and to ultimately foster communication accessible communities.

The intention of this Literature Review is to provide an overview of the current situation in relation to communication accessibility in Australia and overseas, to describe the breadth of definitions currently in use, and identify where communication accessibility is cited and the context in which it appears.

The full Literature Review is available in PDF or in HTML (see below).

The Literature Review’s Executive Summary is available in PDF or Easy English or Plain English (see below).

For further information about the Literature Review or the Communication Access Alliance contact Speech Pathology Australia.

Literature Review (various formats)

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