ILC Grant Project Information Hub

January 2020 – November 2022

Speech Pathology Australia in conjunction with AGOSCI have been funded to create an online information hub for people with communication disability, their family and carers, and other key stakeholders.

The Information Hub is designed to:

  • promote a greater understanding of communication disability and communication accessibility;
  • highlight that communication disability can significantly impact every aspect of life;
  • be a key source of information for overcoming barriers to involvement in activities and participation resulting from communication difficulty; and
  • feature the supports available that contribute to communicative development and participation and help achieve goals or desired outcomes.

The resources will be available online and meet accessibility standards. Resources on the site may include a range of text and visual communications tools.

Requests for further information or questions about the project should be emailed to the Association’s ILC Project Manager.

Project team

The Association has a range of professionals and organisations working on the ILC Grant Project Advisory Group.

Individuals: Tani Clarke; Harmony Turnbull; Alanna Jinks; Cath Olssen; Leigha Dark; Harriet Korner; Robert Oakman; Alan McGuir, and Tania Harris.

Organisations: Link Assistive  |  Scope Australia  |  AGOSCI

Individuals or organisations interested in contributing to this group at a later stage should email Speech Pathology Australia.

This graphic shows as black images a number of ways people can communicate. In a speech bubble are the words, no matter how you communicate, your voice matters.