Speech Pathology Week 2021

This is the Speech Pathology Week 2021 logo. It contains the words 2021 Speech Pathology Week in while reversed out of blue. In a speech bubble are the words Communications is everyone's right in white reversed out of green. The logo also has the SPA url. Speech Pathology Week seeks to promote the speech pathology profession and the work done by speech pathologists with the 1.2 million Australians who have a communication disability.

In 2021, Speech Pathology Week is from 22-28 August.

The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has highlighted the challenges faced by Australians with communication disability. Communication is a basic human right and Speech Pathology Week seeks to make Australians aware of this.

The theme for Speech Pathology Week in 2021 is: Communication is everyone's right.

Speech pathologists work to ensure everyone can communicate with confidence. It is important that the broader community understands that:

  • communication is a basic human right;
  • 1.2 million Australians live with communication disability;
  • communication disability is largely invisible. Unseen and out-of-sight;
  • confident communication helps maximise educational, health and social outcomes; and
  • communication is more than just speech.

View Speech Pathology Australia at the United Nations and communication disability rights.

Digital campaign kits This is an animated Gif that flashes the word new in red out of a yellow background.

The Speech Pathology Week Digital Kit includes a range of graphics to use on social media platforms (viz. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn), email signature, the Speech Pathology Week logo (high and low resolution), and a Zoom background.

Download the Speech Pathology Week 2021 Digital Kit


Pay It Forward*

During Speech Pathology Week help us to spread the word as widely as possible. If everyone engaged their social media networks, the theme for Speech Pathology Week can be spread far and wide.

That’s why the Association is asking everyone to ‘Pay It Forward’ for Speech Pathology Week. How can you do this?

  1. Use one of the graphics from the Speech Pathology Week digital kit (or create your own);
  2. Post it on either Instagram and/or Twitter; and
  3. Add the handles of three colleagues and the hashtag #SPweek or #SpeechPathologyWeek and ask them to Play It Forward. The following is an example only of what a post on Twitter might look like. On Instagram the post can obviously be longer.

“Together with my speech pathology colleagues, @Friend01 @Friend02 @Friend03 we are working to ensure that Communication is everyone's right #SPweek”. www.speechpathologyaustralia.org.au/weeks”

*NB. Do not post a photograph of anyone without their written permission, and be aware of copyright, privacy and related considerations.

Communication disability and communication access

The Australian Bureau of Statistics has established that 1.2 million Australians have communication disability. Learn more about communication disability and communication access.

Speech Pathology Week 2021 logo

The Speech Pathology Week 2021 logo may be download in high- and/or low-resolution formats.

The high-resolution version is best for printing purposes, while the low-resolution is best for online, digital (including PowerPoint) or social media purposes. Email Speech Pathology Australia if the logo is required in another format or resolution. The logo is also available in the Speech Pathology Week Digital Kit.

Download high resolution version (jpg format)

Download low resolution version (png format).

Email signatures

This graphic is for use as an email signature. It contains the Speech Pathology Week logo, URL and the relevant dates.The Association had made an email signature available to help promote Speech Pathology Week 2021. The signature is available in high and low resolution and will need to be scale for individual usage. Once in place the signature should be linked to this page or this website’s home page.

Social media competition*

Following the success of last year’s Speech Pathology Week social media competition, it is on again in 2020.

This year, the prize is a $250 eftpos voucher.

Entering the Speech Pathology Week social media competition is as easy as ABC.

  1. Take a photograph* of yourself with someone you believe is doing the most to advocate to ensure that communication is everyone’s right – they might be a friend or family, or a professional colleague. And tell us how they are making a difference. (Make sure you have the person(s) approval to be used in the post!);
  2. Post it on Instagram and/or Twitter; and
  3. Include the Association’s handle @SpeechPathAus and the hashtag #SPweek or #speechpathologyweek. This is important! Otherwise the judges won’t see it!

*NB. Do not post a photograph of anyone without their written permission, and be aware of copyright, privacy and related considerations.

This is one of the Speech Pathology Week campaign posters in 2021. It shows an eye-chart with the words, you cannot always see communication disabilityDownload other materials

The Association had made a range of Speech Pathology Week campaign materials available for downloading. These include:

Media Release template (Member-only)

A media release template is available for members to use to promote Speech Pathology Week and the theme: Communication is everyone's right.

Download the Media Release Template. (NB. A reminder to members that they must be logged-in to access this file.) This graphic is associated with the hyperlink that precedes it and indicates the document is in Microsoft Word Format.

Speech Pathology Week in past years

For information about Speech Pathology Week in past years contact the Association.