Video resources - Speech Pathology Week

Speech Pathology Australia (the Association) has produced a number of videos as part of its campaign to promote Speech Pathology Week.

The plan is to add to this resource base in the future as the Association promotes Speech Pathology Week.

Videos: the stories of #SPWeek in 2017

The videos that the Association produced to promote Speech Pathology Week in 2017 have won international recognition.

Pesel and Carr, the agency that the Association worked with on Speech Pathology Week 2017, nominated the campaign’s videos for an international public relations award. While the campaign and the videos did not win, they did receive an honourable mention in the ‘Use of Digital and Social Media for Cause Advocacy’ category of the PR Daily’s 2018 Digital PR and Social Media Awards.

Olga and Margot – Speech pathologist Olga Birchall and Margot (85 years) explain what communication access means in real life.

Watch this video about the Victorian Electoral Commission and communication access.Victorian Electoral Commission - Sue Lang, the Director of Communication and Engagement at the Victorian Electoral Commission explains how communication access is making the voting experience easier for some voters.

Watch the video of Bethany and John discuss the challenges of communication access for someone with Parkinson's disease.Bethany and John - Speech pathologist Bethany Hanley and John discuss the challenges of communication access when your voice starts to fail you due to Parkinson's disease.

Watch the video of Elizabeth and Kim discuss the communication challenges for Kim's son.Elizabeth and Kim - Speech pathologist Elizabeth Lea and Kim talk about communication challenges faced by Kim's son and why communication access is so important.

Allana and Graeme - Speech pathologist Allana Bowen and Graeme talk about Graeme's communication skills and challenges following cancer of the larynx.

Annie and Larelle - Speech pathologist Annie O'Connor and Larelle explain how Larelle recovered from her stroke and rediscovered her voice and the power of speech.

Sue, Kelli and Eden - Speech pathologist Sue Cameron and Kelli (mother of Eden) discuss telehealth and how distance is no barrier to the services of a speech pathologists.