Speech Pathology 2030

On 11 August 2016, Alastair McEwin, Federal Disability Discrimination Commissioner, formally launched the final report for the Speech Pathology 2030 project.

View the final report of the Speech Pathology 2030 project

Speech Pathology 2030 project flyer

Speech Pathology Australia commissioned the landmark project: Speech Pathology 2030 – making futures happen with the aim to engage members of the profession in the development of a shared vision for how the profession will successfully respond to change over the next decade and beyond. 

The aims and objectives of the project

The Speech Pathology 2030 Project aimed to:

  • present a vision for the future of speech pathology in Australia
  • reflect the priorities, opportunities and challenges identified by the profession and its stakeholders as being important
  • document known trends likely to influence the profession
  • reflect the importance of being alert and responsive to emergent change
  • outline a clear role for Speech Pathology Australia in leading the profession into the future

Background to the project

The project arose from consultations for the current Speech Pathology Australia Strategic Plan 2014 - 2016.

The Speech Pathology 2030 Project Steering Committee worked closely with the Project Team to ensure that the design of the project maximised engagement. The aim is for every speech pathologist in Australia to have an opportunity to participate in defining the vision for the future of speech pathology in Australia. Thus, whilst auspiced by Speech Pathology Australia, the Speech Pathology 2030 Project is not just for members. It is about the speech pathology profession as a whole, for the profession, by the profession.


Speech Pathology 2030 – Project Team

The Speech Pathology 2030 Project Team supported and facilitated involvement of speech pathologists (and others) in each of the planned activities. The project team included:

  • External consultants led by Young Futures – Gretchen Young, Katy O'Callaghan and Jane Haswell
  • National Office staff member – Christine Lyons.

Speech Pathology 2030 – Steering Committee

The work of the Project Team had oversight by a Speech Pathology 2030 Steering Committee. Members of the committee included:

  • Gaenor Dixon, National President, Speech Pathology Australia
  • Chyrisse Heine, Board of Directors representative, Speech Pathology Australia
  • Robyn Stephen, Board of Directors representative, Speech Pathology Australia
  • Gail Mulcair, Chief Executive Officer, Speech Pathology Australia
  • Christine Lyons, Project Lead, Speech Pathology Australia
  • Trish Johnson, staff representative, Speech Pathology Australia
  • Michael Kerrisk, staff representative, Speech Pathology Australia.