Provisional Certification –

Information for new graduates

Provisional Certification is a transitional status prior to a speech pathologist progressing to Full Certification.

To be eligible for Provisional Certification, graduates must apply for Certified Practising Membership or Non-Member Practitioner Certification within 3 years of completing their speech pathology degree. Speech pathologists must hold Provisional Certification for at least 12 months.

Speech pathologists with Provisional Certification are not eligible to receive a Letter of Good Standing.

To progress to Full Certification, speech pathologists with Provisional Certification must complete the following:

The eligibility requirements for transition to Full Certification must be completed within 3 years of speech pathology degree completion, or by the following membership renewal period.

Speech pathologists who are awarded Provisional Certification more than 2 and less than 3 years following completion of their speech pathology degree may be granted 12 months to complete the eligibility requirements for Full Certification.

Speech pathologists with Provisional certification can self-assign hours of learning for completing the mandatory ethics and evidence-based practice education modules.

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