Speech pathologist, Dr Sarah Wallace receives Young Tall Poppy Science Award 

Congratulations Sarah!

Speech Pathology Australia warmly congratulates Dr Sarah Wallace from the University of Queensland on her incredible achievement in being awarded a Young Tall Poppy Science Award, amongst a stellar list of nominations across scientific fields.

The Award is chosen by the Australian Institute of Policy and Science for being one of Queensland's most outstanding research scientists who demonstrates scientific excellence combined with a passion for science communication, recognising her vast contributions across speech pathology and aphasia research.

We celebrate Sarah's achievement and are proud to have her as a Speech Pathology Australia member, active contributor of our SPA Aged Care Working Party, and lead of the MRFF #betterconversationsaboutcare project that SPA is a Steering Committee member of.

The awards recognise and celebrate researchers who demonstrate scientific excellence combined with a unique passion for science communication, which can inspire young people to enter STEM study and careers. About Dr Wallace Every 19 minutes someone in Australia has a stroke and a third of those who survive will have aphasia. Aphasia affects language, our ability to speak, understand, read and write. The loss of language is devastating and people with aphasia are more likely to develop depression, less likely to return to work, and find it difficult to keep friendships and stay involved in important activities. Dr Wallace is a speech pathologist who works with people with aphasia, families and clinicians to develop new treatments, systems and standards that make life with aphasia better.

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