Launch of the Speech Pathology in Education learning program


Are you a speech pathologist working in the

education sector?


The new Speech Pathology in Education learning program has been designed with you in mind. We’ve curated a suite of learning modules to support you in enhancing your practice. No matter where you are in your journey as a speech pathologist in education, there’s something for you!  

In 2022, the Association developed the Speech Pathology in Education Practice Guideline which provides a practice framework for speech pathologists working within education settings in Australia. The guideline identifies a range of professional practices and guiding principles that inform the provision of best practice speech pathology services in education. This document seeks to provide speech pathologists with greater role clarity and a shared vision for speech pathology services in education settings.


To support members’ engagement in the Practice Guideline and to support implementation of best practice principles and practices, we’ve developed the Speech Pathology in Education (SPiE) learning program. The learning program consists of three modules (including a number of smaller units) that explore the "big ideas" in education, a deep dive into the problem solving process to data driven decision making, and a guided approach to leading speech pathology services in education.  

Each unit is designed with opportunities to enhance reflective practice and provides setting specific worked examples and practice challenges.  

The learning program is available on the Learning Hub. Don't have a SPA account? Register here.

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