Communication milestones


The Communication Milestones Kit provides information for parents and carers about the role of speech pathologists. The kit also assists parents and carers to find a speech pathologist if they are unsure about whether their child is having difficulty with speech, language and communication.

What's in the kit?

The Communication Milestones Kit is a series of A4-sized downloadable information sheets and an A3-sized poster. These outline the talking and understanding milestones for children aged 1-5 years.

The information sheets and poster outline how early childhood educators and speech pathologists can work together to ensure that children reach these milestones within the expected timeframes. 

The kit also presents information on the role of speech pathologists and how to find a speech pathologist. 

The information sheets are a useful tool to start a conversation about a child who may be having difficulty with their speech, language and communication. 

Download the posters:

Download the A3-sized Communication Milestones Poster  

Understanding and speaking “between the flags”

Children learn to communicate by interacting with early childhood educators, family, and friends. Early childhood educators and speech pathologists can support children to build their communication and keep them developing “between the flags”.

Early childhood educators and speech pathologists can work together to:

  • find out which children are understanding and speaking “between the flags”
  • create communication-supporting learning spaces
  • help children with a range of communication needs.

Speech pathologists can also provide therapy to help children with:

  • understanding and using pictures, symbols, signs, gestures, speech sounds, words and sentences
  • taking turns and making eye contact
  • building skills for later reading and spelling
  • stuttering, voice and feeding difficulties.

Don’t “wait and see”

Concerned about a child’s communication?

Non-Association Resources

The NSW Government: Western NSW Local Health District have developed Waiting for Speech Pathology resources. Sometimes children need to wait to see a speech pathologist due to high demand for services.

These resources provide information for families and others to support children’s communication development in everyday situations, while you wait to see a speech pathologist.